Introduction to Excel VBA

First of all, from the basics as an introduction.
I tried to write in detail as easily as possible so that the beginner can understand the Excel macro VBA.

1.What is a macro? What is VBA?
2.First prepare to use Macro VBA
3.Macro recording
4.Where is the macro written (VBE startup)
5.VBE Set Options (Option Explicit)
6.Let’s write it anyway (Sub, End Sub)
7.To run a macro (F5)
8.What is putting a character in a cell (Range, Value)
9.How to specify cells in Range
10.Specification method other than Range (Cells, Rows, Columns)
11.How to use Range and Cells
12.Variables and data types (Dim)
13.Constants and type declaration characters (Const)
14.Character concatenation and continuation line
15.Four arithmetic operations and annotations (comments)
16.Iterative processing (For Next)
17.Iterative processing (Do Loop)
18.Get last row (End, Rows.Count)
19.General practice question 1

20.Conditional branch (If)
21.Conditional branch (ElseIf)
22.Conditional branch (Select Case)
23.Message box (MsgBox function)
24.Input box (InputBox function)
25.About named arguments
26.General practice question 2

27.Select book / sheet (Select, Activate)
28.Select cell / row / column (Select, Activate)
29.Delete / Insert cell / row / column (Delete, Insert)
30.General practice question 3

31.Format Cells (display format, NumberFormatLocal)
32.Format Cells (Alignment)
33.Format Cells (Font)
34.Format Cells (fill, interior)
35.Format Cells (ruled line, border)
36.General practice question 4

37.Specifying a book sheet
38.Set formula in cells
39.Clear the cells
40.Copy, cut and paste of cells
41.Copy cells and paste values (PasteSpecial)
42.What is copying a cells?
43.General practice question 5

44.About VBA functions
45.VBA function (Format)
46.VBA function (date, DateAdd)
47.VBA function (String operation, Replace, InStr, StrConv)
48.VBA function (Other, Fix, Int, Rnd, Round, IsEmpty)
49.Like operator and wildcard
50.General exercise 6

51.With statement
52.Object variables and Set statements
53.Workbook object
54.Window object
55.Worksheet object
56.Range object (Range and Cells)
57.Application properties (Speed up VBA, stop warnings, etc.)
58.What is a collection?
59.Collection processing (For Each)
60.Error processing (On Error)
61.”On Error GoTo” and “Exit Sub”
62.”On Error Resume Next” and the Err object
63.Open a book (Open)
64.Close / Save Book (Close, Save, SaveAs)
65.Insert sheet, rename (Add, Name)
66.Copy / Move / Delete (Copy / Move / Delete)
67.General practice question 7


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